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Sheriff Of Tombstone [1941] [DVD] by Roy Rogers



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Sheriff Of Tombstone [1941] [DVD] by Roy Rogers

Bamboo choices
Price List

Cold hardy Bamboos
Bamboo  Care
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Bamboo Planters

Landscape Options

  Bamboo Garden Booklet

Bamboo Canes

Tools and Fertilizer

WBMKH Luftreinigungsbeutel, Bambuskohle, für Auto, Familie, Schrs
for bamboo collectors
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Shipping rates
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Map  to 
Bamboo Garden

18900 NW Collins Rd. North Plains, Oregon  97133

Regular Hours: 9am to 4pm, Tues - Sat.
we will ALSO be open on Monday and Sunday by appointment, please call ahead.




NEW! Stay warm with Bamboo Garden hoodies
$25 + shipping (click on link for larger image)

Tee shirts also available!

Welcome to Bamboo Garden,
a bamboo nursery


Please call  503-647-2700 
or (888) 509-0293  to order, or email bamboo@bamboogarden.com

Our experienced staff will be happy to answer any inquiries you have.
We welcome visitors to our nursery.
We specialize in bamboos, both rare and common, at reasonable prices, serving retail, wholesale, and mail order markets. Bamboo Garden has been growing bamboo since 1980. Now, with over 300 bamboo varieties at our 20 acre farm near Portland, Oregon, we maintain the most diverse bamboo collection in the United States. We have a special interest in cold-hardy clumping bamboo and giant timber bamboo.

Regular Hours
Tuesday through Saturday
9 am to 4 pm                     
            Monday: closed to visits
(shipping, wholesale, phone orders only)
                Sunday:  closed                                                                                       
Please note: For more complicated bamboo projects, we recommend scheduling an appointment to meet with one of our bamboo specialists. We can accomplish some of the preliminary steps remotely so that we can better serve you during your visit.

Wondering how to get really TALL or many bamboos to your home?
We offer local deliveries to Portland Metro Area for
$125 in addition to
Freight Shipping
across US

As of 03-20-20 Bamboo Garden will remain open under the following temporary guidelines recommended by the CDC and Oregon Association of Nurseries for employees and customers safety, well being, and to help prevent spread of COVID-19.

Social Distancing
6 foot spacing between employees and customers,
 masks must be worn during golf cart tours

Outdoor Check Out Area-

The purpose for this is to limit customer access within our small, enclosed office. Good ventilation is an important safety guideline. This also will limit the use of door handles. If using an open bed pick up truck, please bring a tarp or shade cloth to cover plant material. Customers are still welcome to do self guided tours. We will direct as necessary. UPS and Freight shipping will proceed as normal for this time of the year.

Disinfection of common work areas and hand washing-

Wash hands frequently, after working with other people, or in common areas where you may have touched a surface area that others touch frequently. Bamboo Garden will follow a comprehensive check list to disinfect common areas on a daily basis. All staff are trained in following healthy protocols. There is a porta-potty with hand-sanitizer as well as a sink with hand soap and warm water, within the garage.

Thank you! We really appreciate your continued support during this difficult time for all of us.

~  Bamboo Garden Team

"The COVID-19 pandemic has curtailed many activities, but gardening doesn't need to be one of them. People can enjoy time in their garden with fresh air and sunshine while maintaining social distance, thus giving themselves a healthy stress reliever and providing beauty to the world."
~ Jeff Stone, Executive Director, Oregon Association of Nurseries


Clumping Bamboo with exciting colors!

Fargesia sp. 'Scabrida' 'Silver Dragon'

We specialize in bamboos, both rare and common, at reasonable prices, serving retail, wholesale, and mail order markets. Bamboo Garden has been growing bamboo since 1980. Now, with over 300 bamboo varieties at our 20 acre farm near Portland, Oregon, we maintain the most diverse bamboo collection in the United States. We have a special interest in cold-hardy clumping bamboo and giant timber bamboo. Our informative website is a useful resource. Browse through the categories listed above for accurate descriptions and many high quality photos of our bamboo. We are confident we can provide the bamboo that best suits your needs, while sharing our knowledge so that you can make an informed decision. We provide bamboo for many commercial and residential landscapes throughout the United States.
learn more about Bamboo Garden...

18900 NW Collins Rd. North Plains, Oregon  97133
see  directions and hours

 The nursery location is 6.5 miles north of North Plains, 20 miles west of Portland, Oregon. Typically, it takes 30 to 45 minutes to reach us from the city. Some customers can take longer than anticipated, so please give yourself plenty of time, especially if you have a large project. Sometimes, especially Saturday, we can get very busy. If your time is limited, please let us know, and we will try to serve you as soon as possible.

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FLEXSURFING Waveboard Wrench
Ned Jaquith Foundation started by members of the American Bamboo Society in Ned's honor.
read more about Bamboo Garden...

     Proud members of the American Bamboo Society since 1980

Timber Bamboo 

Mid-sized Bamboo

Hardy Clumping Bamboo

Other Running Bamboo

Small Running Bamboo

Cold-sensitive Clumping Bamboo

Summary of Bamboo Products (not live plants)

Photo tour of Bamboo Garden

Grove thinning
and shoot harvesting

History and vision of Bamboo Garden

Freight Shipping Tall Bamboo

Bamboo Garden Gift Certificate

click on photo for larger image and tour of Bamboo Garden
     This view is from the top of the hill, looking south-east over many of our bamboo groves. Our two main green houses are visible in the distance. Oggie is exploring the hillside, probably hunting for gophers. Ned is driving the white, electric golf cart at the bottom of the hill, on the main road. Our nursery is now over 20 acres with one of the largest collections of bamboo in the country.  
See this link for a photo tour of
Bamboo Garden  
Overhead map of the nursery roads, buildings, and groves.

Photo copyright � Ned Jaquith, Bamboo Garden  Oggie the bamboo dog in the
Phyllostachys edulis "Moso" at our home in Portland, OR

Aerial photo of Bamboo Garden
click on photo for full screen image
Some more of our customer favorites below...

Fargesia sp.'Scabrida'


Fargesia sp.'Jiuzhaigou'


 Phyllostachys nigra

Fargesia robusta

Shangri La project in Vancouver BC
Click on photo for larger images

Tall Phyllostachys vivax at Bamboo Garden, wrapped and ready to ship...

...to the job site, planted along the main stair way and courtyard.

We are available for consultation and presentations. There is no fee for presentations to most groups.
For on-site consultation for bamboo installations or problems, please contact us for rates.

Please look at the bamboo descriptions and photos that we have available and e-mail us with your wish list and questions or call us at 503-647-2700.  Be sure to include your zip code so we can figure your shipping cost. We will reply as to availability and cost and any other pertinent information. We accept payment by check, cash, or credit card. Avoid sending credit card info by e-mail. We look forward to providing generous bamboo knowledge and helping you actualize bamboo ideas.  We appreciate constructive criticism and are always looking for ways to improve; if their is any way we can better serve your needs, please let us know.

We welcome visitors to the nursery!
Visiting the Bamboo Garden (click link for map)
Map to Bamboo Garden

It is not necessary to schedule an appointment during our regular hours, but if you have a large project that you would like to discuss, you can call to make an appointment.

Regular Hours: 9am to 4pm, Tuesday through Saturday
We will ALSO be open
on Sunday by appointment only, please call ahead.

 (503) 647-2700

Proud members of the American Bamboo Society since 1980

        BOTEGRA Entfeuchtungstrockner, Ultra Leise Kleine Luftentfeuchte 

Bamboo Canes (cut bamboo)
We now supply dried and fresh cut bamboo canes, locally grown and harvested at Bamboo Garden.
Click on link or photo for more information.

 New generation of Seedlings!

Stirnbänder für Männer Korallenriff Seefisch Yoga Stirnband mit CLUMPING BAMBOO
Great choice for a cold hardy, non-invasive bamboo.  Shade loving plant.

Map designed by  Charissa Brock

Photo copyright: Noah Bell, Bamboo Garden
New Moso Shoots, April 4th

About Bamboo Garden

    We started growing bamboo in 1980 and joined The American Bamboo Society (ABS) that same year. We helped establish the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the society and have served on the board of directors of both. Ned Jaquith, the late founder of Bamboo Garden, was elected i
n 2006, as vice president of the ABS and has been awarded Honorary Lifetime Membership due to over 25 years of whole-hearted efforts and generous bamboo knowledge. Ned Jaquith was one of the most significant bamboo growers, collectors, and promoters of our time. In addition to his amazing and diverse collection of bamboo, which evolved into our 20-acre nursery, he was a smart and generous person with a great sense of humor and goodwill. He will be greatly missed among bamboo lovers, the horticultural community, and his friends and family. We are very fortunate to be able to continue the nursery operation, Bamboo Garden, and provide the same level of service, expertise, and enthusiasm for bamboo as our founder. 

The nursery is managed by Noah Bell, with over twelve years experience working closely with bamboo in the landscape and nursery trade, and managing Bamboo Garden since 2004. His bamboo photos and articles have been published by the ABS and German Bamboo Society (EBS) and Paul Whitakers book: Practical Bamboos. He is responsible for overseeing the production of about 300 different types of bamboo, maintaining our 20 acre nursery, and providing positive direction for our staff.
     We specialize in hardy clumping species, as well as hardy giant timber bamboos, and have been at the forefront of introducing new species into the horticulture trade. See this link for our
total collection. and this page for our regularly available species: Sitzbezug für Sattel Suzuki Burgman AN 250 i.e. 2006 Wasserdicht. We have supplied bamboo for many large commercial landscaping projects including:  Tacoma Zoo, Portland Classical Chinese Garden, Portland Japanese Garden, Oregon Zoo, Wellesley College in MA, Wayne Morse Courthouse in Eugene, OR, Asia Trail of National Zoo in Washington DC, Shangri La Project in Vancouver, BC, and many others. We work closely with landscaping companies, providing healthy and beautiful bamboo for commercial and residential landscapes, locally and afar. Finally, a huge thank you to all of our customers, without your support and continued business, this would not be possible...

Our largest project to date is the Asia Trail for the National Zoo in Washington DC as designed by The Smithsonian. Between February and June we worked tirelessly to put together a massive collection of bamboo meeting the criteria for this ambitious project. By mid June we had three, 53 foot semi trucks, packed full of our bamboo, ready to travel to Washington DC, and be incorporated into the
Asia Trail design. It was a challenging, yet very rewarding task, working together among our staff and with our customers, seeing the project (and bamboo) grow from start to finish and achieving success in the landscape. The future looks bright for bamboo and we hope to be considered a reliable source, from the smallest mail order, to large-scale bamboo design, to other nurseries, and garden centers.
Read the
introduction to Bamboo Garden by Author, Ted Jordan Meredith.  read more history of Bamboo Garden...

Bamboo Garden, our 20 Acre Nursery
(for photo tour: click on link or picture)

click on photo to see larger image

Grove of giant Moso on Avery Island, Lousiana. American Bamboo Society  annual convention, 2011

Useful Links to other websites:
news updated  June 17, 2021
If you love bamboo you owe it to yourself to join
The American Bamboo Society 

ABS 2009 Conference
ABS 2010 Conference

Shweeash Bamboo
Bamboo nursery and good friend, Dave Crabtree,
 from coastal Oregon.

They also do bamboo installations, removal, etc.


Bamboo Rescue
Lloyd Dubois

Bamboo and Beyond
(bamboo maintenance and installation)

Bamboo Valley
LCB licensed bamboo specialty landscaping, installation, and removal by friend and coworker Dain Sansome

Bamboo sculpture by local artist and co-worker,
Charissa Brock

Daphne Lewis'
Bamboo Research grove:

Susanne Lucas
Horticultural consultant

and president of:
World Bamboo Organization

One of the most informative new bamboo sites, created by PNW chapter member Bill Hollenbeck

Grassworks Bamboo
Our friends Galyn and Rosemary
a Southern Oregon bamboo nursery

Bello BAMBOO Company
dedication to the promotion and utilization of Bamboo in AU and around the world

Arbor Day Foundation hardiness zone
Check your USDA hardiness zone

CO2 Bambu addresses need for housing and schools in Haiti

Interesting catalog of
bamboo seeds in Thailand

We are also members of O.A.N.
Oregon Association of Nurserymen
and we provided all of the bamboo for  
Flamenco-/Sevillana-Schuhe, Tanzschuhe für Damen / Mädchen, Rot

Bamboo of the Americas
Saving American Bamboo

For our Canadian friends we recommend
Bamboo Botanicals

Landscaping by friend Nick Erickson
Creative Landscapes

Contemporary Basketry
with Japanese Influence

by Nancy Moore Bess

Bamboo Identification
The informative website of
Dr. Chris Stapleton, bamboo taxonomist

Cistus Nursery
...Your home of zonal denial...
Hardy palms and tropicals

The place we get most of our non-bamboo plants.

Genome sequence of Moso

Ned's humming bird plants


Tomita Designs:  innovative bamboo products and interior design in Portland, Oregon

More Bamboo Links

Farming Bamboo
a new book by Daphne Lewis for farming bamboo, but very much more. It has the most complete descriptions of many of the more important Phyllostachys.


Hardy Bamboos: Taming the Dragon
By Paul Whittaker   $30


Sinfonie 5   
30 to 70 ft. tall
Mid-sized Bamboo (Phyllostachys)
15 to 30 ft tall
Cold-hardy Clumping Bamboo       
6 to 25 ft. tall
Cold-sensitive Clumping Bamboo
 6 to 50 ft. tall
Other Running Bamboo               
6 to 25 ft. tall
Small Running Bamboo                
1 to 8 ft. tall
Price List, How to order
Planting and Caring for Bamboo
Hardiness list
Our most cold hardy bamboo
Methods to Control Spreading Bamboo
Bamboo Rhizome Barrier
Landscape Use
Bamboo Screens and Hedges
Nrkin Papagei Kauspielzeug, Vogelspielzeug Doppelseitiges Puzzle

Bamboo Art

by Charissa Brock               Brunswick Complete Singles A's B's Collection

 Fine books on Bamboo
available at Bamboo Garden:

our catalog
(click on picture for preview) 
Ted's long awaited Bamboo Pocket Guide, with over 300 bamboo species listed.  Many photos taken at Bamboo Garden.


$19.95 (see link above for info)

Bamboo for Gardens
by Ted Meredith   $30
(also see the Forward Ted wrote for our catalog)

Ornamental Bamboos
by David Crompton  $30

Nancy Moore Bess is a friend and fellow bamboo lover.  You can check out her book and other things on her website.


A Compendium of Chinese Bamboo
by the China Forestry Publishing House
This is the most complete list of bamboos native to China.
It contains accurate technical descriptions of 39 genera and over 500 species,with over 400 color photographs. Great coffee table book.Hard to find, not printed in the United States.It does not contain information about gardening with bamboo; the books listed above cover that subject thoroughly.
A must for collectors or bamboo enthusiasts!
$150 .00
 to order any of the books, call 503-647-2700

Web Design: Noah Bell, Ned Jaquith, Bamboo Garden

You are visitor number since August 6 2006

phone # 503-647-2700 ~ address 18900 NW Collins Rd, North Plains OR 97133 
�2016 Bamboo Garden All rights reserved
All contents of this website, including text and photos, are copyright of Bamboo Garden and may not be used without our permission. email